International payment service provider and card acquirer ECOMMPAY has officially launched its newest payment gateway, GATE2025. Technologically innovative and easily scalable, GATE2025 was engineered to process more than 1000 payment transactions per second. ECOMMPAY’s payment gateway was reimagined to reflect current industry trends, incorporating highload performance capabilities to significantly improve the quality and security of payment services.

GATE2025 is easy to adapt, customise, and support. The groundbreaking software was built using microservice architecture, which increases performance by dividing responsibilities among various applications comprising a suite of interdependent elements. Streamlining the payment gateway’s internal and external processes, GATE2025 reduces transaction costs for merchants while ensuring a convenient, intuitive, omnichannel user experience for customers.

Prior to launch, the new software product underwent extensive load testing. As a result, GATE2025 has proven to be at least four times as powerful as its predecessor. The platform’s microservice architecture permits the further expansion of its capabilities by connecting additional services, which results in more opportunities for higher transaction volumes and an improved quality of processing.

GATE2025 offers endless possibilities for e-Commerce merchants. Combining ECOMMPAY’s proprietary payment products, tools, and technologies within a single integration and targeting increased conversion rates, the payment platform ensures clients can process larger volumes of both incoming and outgoing transactions with ease.

“We specialise in engineering bespoke, tailored payment solutions. Our newest payment platform takes this a step further, allowing our clients to configure the settings of GATE2025 to their own specifications. Merchants can view their full transaction history, run reports on financial flows, and/or see analytics on consumer preferences with a few simple clicks,” explains ECOMMPAY’s Head of Product Development Nikita Mishchenko.

Beyond the technological capabilities of GATE2025, ECOMMPAY’s wide-ranging, comprehensive payment services, from payment solutions to risk management to tailored consulting, encompass all aspects of the payment process. To facilitate a high payment acceptance rate, ECOMMPAY partnered with a large selection of acquiring banks to introduce dynamic routing and cascading features. The payment service provider’s collaboration with local payment systems across all continents further ensures the clients can enter new markets and gain access to a wider consumer audience.