ECOMMPAY targets Indian and African markets with new Mauritius Office

Headquartered in Mayfair, London, payment service provider and direct bank card acquirer ECOMMPAY has seven locations around the world. In addition to the company’s presence within the United Kingdom, ECOMMPAY has regional offices in Singapore, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Cyprus, as well as the newest addition to the corporate family – a spacious premises in Ebène Cybercity, Mauritius.

Arvind Jeewooth has been brought on board as the Regional Director of ECOMMPAY in Mauritius. With more than five years of experience working for the Board of Investment, the national investment promotion agency with the mandate to promote and facilitate investment into the country, he has not only built up a strong network of industry contacts, but has grown intimately familiar with the local and regional business landscapes.

“The new ECOMMPAY office has been set up to extend the global footprint of The ECOMMPAY Group into the African and Indian markets,” explains Jeewooth. “Mauritius has been chosen as the regional centre due to the enabling business environment and the economic and cultural proximity to Africa and India.”

ECOMMPAY has always prided itself on facilitating merchants access to regional markets. Applying the extensive experience accumulated over years of working across multiple jurisdictions and consulting clients on local licensing requirements, the payment service provider engineers bespoke payment strategies in accordance with business objectives and accounting for consumer preferences.

Recognising the opportunities present within both the African and Indian markets, ECOMMPAY chose the ideally situated island of Mauritius as the destination for its newest office. “Africa represents an emerging e-Commerce market, while India is quite mature, so our approach will differ in the two regions,” Jeewooth shares. “In Mauritius, we are already in talks to collaborate with the government, introducing our secure payment solutions and, above all, engendering consumer trust in online payments.”

International clients will be able to take advantage of the opportunities available for expanding their business into new markets, relying on ECOMMPAY’s ever-increasing network of partner banks and regional payment systems, whereas prospective local partners will benefit from the company’s capabilities to establish a secure, convenient payment infrastructure for accepting payments online.

ECOMMPAY is one of the leading international companies offering modern individual payment solutions. The company develops simple solutions in payment processing with VISA/ Mastercard and China Union Pay, as well as popular alternative payment systems for e-commerce companies worldwide.