FIME to deliver PURE testing services

Vincent Poty - VP of Test & Certification, FIME

Terminal, card and cloud-based application vendors can now work with FIME to achieve PURE product certification 

FIME today announces that it has been approved by PayCert to perform a full spectrum of testing services in line with PURE specification. The latest approval enables terminal, card and cloud-based application vendors to ensure the interoperability, functionality and security of their PURE solutions quickly and efficiently. FIME has already successfully completed the evaluation of the first PURE terminal product and the first Certification Letter has been issued by PayCert.

PURE is an EMV®* compliant white-label payment specification and is utilized by various international and domestic payment schemes globally. The certification process is managed by PayCert, the European certification body for electronic payment products.

“The interoperability and flexibility of PURE reduces complexity when entering various markets across the globe,” comments Vincent Poty, Vice President, Test & Certification at FIME. “On top of this, our laboratory services, technical support and test tools are enabling vendors to get ahead of the competition by accelerating product development.”

To find out more about how FIME can support your projects, contact your local office FIME laboratories will use their qualified test tools, EVAL for terminals, and Global for cards and cloud-based applications, to perform debugging and formal certification testing. These tools are also available to purchase for in-house pre-certification testing to help identify issues in advance and prevent delays later in the process.

* EMV is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries, and is an unregistered trademark in other countries, owned by EMVCo.

FIME offers comprehensive consulting services, technical training, technology design, test tools and certification testing across the financial services, telecom, transport and identity sectors. Its experts support projects from start to finish, resolving the technical challenges its customers face when implementing a complete portfolio of specifications, standards and multi-brand industry requirements.

FIME speaks the language of its customers and uses its 20+ years of experience to ensure that card and mobile transactions services are implemented efficiently and successfully. It supports a range of technologies including contact, contactless, EMV chip, near field communication (NFC), host card emulation (HCE), tokenization, secure element (SE), machine to machine (M2M), internet of things (IoT) and trusted execution environment (TEE).

Partnering with the international and national payment schemes, and industry bodies, FIME ensures its multi-brand offering is always aligned with the latest market requirements.

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