Fintech Modo Announces Ryan Lee, Formerly with Apple and Visa, as Chief Product Officer

Modo, the market for payment services, today announced Ryan Lee, formerly with Apple and Visa, has joined their leadership team. Lee is serving as Modo’s Chief Product Officer, and is bringing a wealth of payments and strategy knowledge from work on groundbreaking payments technology. As Modo expands their product offerings, Lee’s experience and leadership will allow Modo to deliver even better and simpler value propositions to merchants, banks, and their partners.

Ryan Lee joins the Modo team as Chief Product Officer

Before joining Modo, Lee shaped product at Apple, Visa, and Turvo where he led product teams to develop financial management, accounting, and payments capabilities. Lee developed and drove a full-stack cloud technology vision and strategy to increase revenues, grow the client base and achieve efficiencies. Most notably, he led the payment provider global expansion for Apple Pay, building relationships and productizing integrations across fourteen countries.

Modo creates interoperability between payment systems for companies like Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, FIS, and Klarna. As Chief Product Officer, Lee will continue to define Modo’s products in order to expand their current offerings to new markets and further their vision to reduce payments friction across the globe.

“Modo has built some of the most innovative solutions I have seen in global business payments. The vision of being a single market for many payments service providers is desperately needed for global businesses. I am looking forward to building on that momentum with even cooler product offerings,” says Lee. “I am thrilled to join the team, but am somewhat concerned about the dance performance clause in my contract.”

“Modo has learned a lot from building solutions for some of the world’s largest banks and payments service providers, what we need now is straightforward product propositions. Ryan has delivered payments products on a global basis for both Apple and Visa, and has a deep understanding of the payments landscape,” says Modo CEO, Bruce Parker. “Ryan has already proven himself to be a genuine, full fledged #paymentsgeek, and we are excited to have him on board. Dancing is strictly optional.”

The Modo team will be attending eTail West on February 19-22 and Shoptalk on March 3-6 to speak with merchants about how Modo’s payments technology can reduce overhead cost and increase conversions for online checkouts.