First Financial Credit Union Slashes Loan Processing Time with IMM’s eSign plus

Seamless integration with Symitar Episys core processing platform boosts productivity, automates manual processes, cuts time from days to minutes 

Today, IMM announced its longtime customer, Southern California-based First Financial Credit Union, successfully upgraded its eSignature system to IMM’s eSign plus. The business rules-based eSignature platform automates eSignature transaction processes including document signing and downstream tasks such as reviews and approvals. This enables the credit union to securely and efficiently conduct business transactions in a paperless environment while realizing significant savings across all departments.

According to the credit union, digital banking is one of the top priorities in its yearly strategic plan. The credit union cited its long-term partnership with IMM as a critical component to meeting this goal. “Enabling electronic transactions and automating associated workflows is a key focus of our Operations area,” said Wendi Sheehy, Manager of Operations at First Financial Credit Union. “IMM was the only provider that seamlessly integrated with our Symitar Episys core platform, which was an essential requirement to ensure success. Now we are able to streamline our processes and complete them more efficiently, and by eliminating the chance for human error, we have also increased accuracy.  This gives us the freedom to focus on enhanced services that better serve our members. Our entire frontline and support staff has benefited since we implemented IMM’s eSignature platform.”

Since implementing IMM’s eSign plus, First Financial Credit Union is able to quickly complete document transactions with fewer errors, eliminating tedious management and oversight associated with traditional paper-based processes. Credit union employees spend less time tracking down paper documents. Instead, employees concentrate on providing exceptional service to its growing membership base. This smart technology allows staff to focus more of their time on relationship development and meeting member’s needs.

“From a member service standpoint, eSignatures are an invaluable tool,” Sheehy added. “We’ve enhanced our processes and improved the overall member experience in nearly every area of the credit union, including new account openings, stop payments, ACH disputes as well as the way we process and fund loans. Prior to implementing eSignatures, it could take up to 10 days to settle an ACH dispute. Now, it begins within minutes and the member can receive a provisional credit much faster.”

First Financial Credit Union serves the educational community with strict schedules; accessibility and convenience are a must for its members.

Sheehy continued, “IMM’s eSignature platform enables us to engage teachers and school administration at a time and place that is convenient to their schedules. This could be in between classes or after school from home. One of the greatest savings we’ve experienced is related to loan documents. Prior to eSignatures our loan documents were generated by our call center, and then were delivered via FedEx to member(s) for signatures with a return, postage paid, FedEx envelope.  This costs $32 per loan, not to mention the time delays. With remote signatures we can literally send/receive documents and fund a loan within 15 minutes as opposed to 3-5 days.”

“Like First Financial Credit Union, we are committed to delivering technology to better serve our customers,” said John Levy, EVP of IMM. “Credit unions understand eSignatures are much more than simply getting rid of the paper. eSignatures drive down costs, improve the accuracy of transactions, and enhance the member experience building loyalty and long-term relationships. In an increasingly competitive environment, this should be a top priority for all financial institutions.”

For more than 20 years, IMM’s focus has remained the same: to deliver innovative electronic transaction solutions to financial institutions, and maintain client satisfaction and success.  Over 700 U.S. financial institutions are powered by IMM’s comprehensive eSignature and eTransaction Management solutions. The company’s fully integrated eSignature, eWorkflow, eLoan and eTeller solutions make transacting business easy and convenient for the consumer while creating a more efficient, cost-effective and compliant back-office operation.

Mission: Driving electronic transactions through innovation, reputation and speed.

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