Founder of Tossed invests in cashless mobile proximity payment start-up

Demonstrating ongoing commitment to frictionless customer experiences 

Founder of Tossed Vincent McKevitt – along with the company’s financial director Neil Sebba – has injected cash into an early-stage cashless payments firm, as part of a £300,000 crowdfunding round launched in early January 2018.

The healthy-eating restaurant chain entrepreneurs have backed Thyngs, a mobile technology platform that turns any physical object into an instant point of sale.  KcKevitt and Sebba became interested in the company as a possible solution to the glut of payment apps available to retailers and consumers. Supporting popular mobile payment methods like Android Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal, the Thyngs platform allows brands and businesses to take instant payments from any smartphone using a low-cost sticker.

Vincent McKevitt,founder of Tossed, said: “Tossed was the first hospitality business in Europe to go completely cashless, swapping tills for self-service kiosks to support our proposition, simplify operations and increase service. Thyngs’ mission to make it easy for brands to offer frictionless mobile payments and promotions fits well with our philosophy, and their focus on proximity gives them a significant edge over all the app-based alternatives competing for the same consumer.”

Having already developed a sustainable business model for cashless charity donations, Thyngs is now turning its attention to the growing mobile proximity payments market, using crowdfunding to fund future growth and market share.

Neil Garner, founder and CEO of Thyngs, said: “The Thyngs platform works for small and large businesses alike, giving them the ability to offer cheaper and easier to implement cashless payment options, without requiring customer to download an app. This provides a more streamlined and faff-free payment experience, using the technology already built in to smartphones.” He added: “Tossed has a great reputation for being ahead of the curve and this investment is a great validation of our offering.”

McKevitt and Sebba are no strangers to crowdfunding themselves, having raised almost £1.3m in 2015 to build the unique Tossed brand and presence across London and beyond.

Thyngs is a mobile technology platform designed to turn any physical object into an instant point of sale using QR & NFC tags.

By harnessing the technology in today’s smartphones, consumers can purchase anything without going to a till or downloading an app, retailers can sell anything without needing a payment terminal, & brands can drive mobile engagement and sales.

The tech company has built a simple, secure and affordable way for any business to take advantage of the growth in mobile payments, and has already created a sustainable business model in the £9.7 billion UK fundraising sector.

Global brands are already using the concept to engage and convert customers directly from marketing, merchandise, packaging, and products.