Geex Lab launch three international online payment solutions

Geex Lab Limited has announced the launch of three international online payment solutions: Issuing Machine (ready-to-use PaaS for issuing, acquiring, money transfers and payment acceptance), Gate2Gates (gateway for cross-border online money and bank payment cards acceptance), and Card2Card (service for quick online person-to-person money transfers from debit card to any other card). All projects can be used either independently or joined into one briefcase of all possible financial and e-commerce services as white-labeled solution.

Issuing Machine is a stand-alone multi-currency, multi-issuer payment platform for issuing e-currency, acquiring, money transfer and payment acceptance. It lets perform all kinds of operations with money, including money issuing and exchange to other e-currency.  Issuing Machine is a ready-to-use platform for banks, financial institutions, merchants and any other who wants to create own payment systems. It helps provide a wider range of services and start custom payment system or currency with minimal requirements and resources.

Gate2Gates is the payment gateway to all major payment systems (including VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, DISCOVER, etc.). Gate2Gates can be used as expand module for Issuing Machine platform to the level of the payment card processor. It can also be used as an independent component providing acquiring and money acceptance services to banks, financial institutions, merchants and e-commerce providers.

Card2Card is the international online pear-to-pear (P2P) money transfer service. It works as expand module to Gate2Gates or can be used independently. It provides the infrastructure for instant money transfers between holders of payment cards of different banks and systems. Card2Card is aimed to ease the money transfer process by arranging quick, convenient and simple cross-border money transfers from different cards globally.

All three projects can be used either independently or combined into one portfolio of all possible financial and e-commerce services.

Geex Lab Limited does not plan to become a financial operator. Instead, the platform is offered openly to market participants.