Get Your Mobile Workforce Communicating Smarter

Sydney-based start-up Rapporr’s communication platform has arrived on AEVI’s award-winning Global Marketplace, a B2B app store for smart Point of Sale terminals, to offer a more efficient resolution to the communication challenges faced by mobile workers.  The solution offers a new wave in secure 2-way bank and acquirer communications to merchants and can be integrated across AEVI’s range of smart, mobile POS devices.

“Having Rapporr become part of our open ecosystem is really exciting for us here at AEVI” said Mike Camerling, Chief Product Officer, AEVI. “Their innovative take on merchant communication expands the range of value-added apps and services available to banks and acquirers on our Global Marketplace, and provides them with a solution that will bring them closer to their merchant customers.”

80% of today’s workers are mobile and often reliant on consumer social media products for communications. Rapporr delivers an enterprise-grade communication platform designed to help these workforces communicate directly with the people that matter to solve problems more efficiently on-the-go. Currently operating in Australia, Rapporr’s inclusion on AEVI’s Global Marketplace will place it directly in front of global banks and acquirers, helping to position Rapporr as the communication platform of choice for mobile workers around the world.

AEVI’s Marketplace, recently the recipient of the MPE Channel Award for innovation in payments, provides the perfect home for such a tool. The white-label B2B app store offers over 50 value-added apps and services from which banks and acquirers can choose, each designed to bring innovative solutions to merchants that go beyond payments.

Peter Tippett, Co-Founder of Rapporr said “Rapporr is thrilled to be joining AEVI’s ecosystem. Our core offering not only provides a secure communication channel for banks and acquirers to broadcast messages across their entire merchant retail network, it also gives merchants their own communication platform. We look forward in growing this relationship together as we pursue these joint objectives.”

AEVI is changing the face of payments with its open ecosystem of value-added apps and services. They continue to pioneer their vision for a world beyond payments.  To find out more about how AEVI continues to grow its choice of value-added apps and services please visit


Born from solving the needs of volunteer emergency services who are widely distributed, Rapporr is an Australian technology company producing an invitation-only secure messaging platform to connect a merchant’s mobile workforce that integrates into business IT systems such as HR and Point of Sale, among others. Their encrypted API integration capabilities also enable merchants and their employees to communicate directly with their banks and acquirers while keeping their sensitive identification information held securely. This enterprise-grade capability is complemented by a simple yet structured conversational framework based on the premise that effective conversations should include only the people who matter, so that they can talk about the things that are relevant to them and solve the problem in front of them.


AEVI brings acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their consumers, with an open Ecosystem that combines apps, payment services and a multi-vendor selection of payment devices.  Selecting from a marketplace of high-quality apps and services, Acquirers can quickly create differentiated, innovative SmartPOS solutions under their own brands. Our centralized payments as a service platform eliminates obstacles, and helps Acquirers simplify the complex payment landscape with a single integration and access to a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, back office reporting tools for enhanced control and flexibility. We welcome Acquirers, App Solution Partners and Hardware Vendors to build on our vision of an open, collaborative payments Ecosystem unrestricted by device vendors, currencies, borders or regulations.

AEVI International GmbH is a subsidiary company of Diebold Nixdorf and is headquartered in Germany with operations in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.