HiPay Intelligence: Go Further With Data Analysis to improve customer experience and conversion rates

HiPay (code ISIN FR0012821916 – HIPAY), a fintech company specializing in payments, launches HiPay Intelligence, an innovative solution that will give merchants a 360° view of their client data.

Every day merchants receive vast amounts of data related to their clients. While merchants already have several existing tools that enable them to further understand their clients’ browsing behavior, payment data is still under-exploited. It is an unparalleled source of information whose analysis can lead to a better understanding of customers’ purchase habits at the final step of the sale: payment. This additional data point allows merchants to refine their client acquisition tactics and improve the overall customer experience while increasing sales.

Say Hi to HiPay Intelligence

The R&D teams at HiPay recognized the need to develop HiPay Intelligence. Merchants now have access to this turnkey solution: a new interface that gives access to a wide range of client data analysis reports and dashboards.

“With this 100% proprietary solution, merchants are able to combine their data from multiple sources and receive proactive alerts and notifications to help to make timely business decisions. They will also be able to directly annotate graphics from the user interface to facilitate internal information sharing. One of HiPay Intelligence’s unique features is that data from Google Analytics can be easily integrated into the platform. Merchants will then have a complete view of their payment funnel and customers’ clickstream data that will allow them, for example, to segment the markets of their audience. In short, merchants are now able to analyze and respond to all data gathered on their website from just one platform: HiPay Intelligence”, explains Cyril Tanneau, Head of Data & Analytics at HiPay.

To develop the product, HiPay worked with industry leading merchants, taking into account their use cases and requirements concerning payment data analysis. This led to the development of over 50 reports and dashboards adapted to data mining to better enable merchants to capitalize on new business opportunities.

“This new product, one of the benefits of our investments in innovation, has a definite future for e-commerce pure-players as well as physical store brands. To accompany our clients’ omnichannel strategy development, our solution allows data gathered online and in-store to Press Release be analyzed together offering a seamless user experience irrespective of the sales channel. Omnichannel is of strategic importance to our clients’ businesses. The teams at HiPay are here to accompany these initiatives and offer intelligent solutions”, concludes Grégoire Bourdin, CEO of HiPay.

We’re a global payment provider processing more than 2bn € annually across 150 countries and 220 payment types. By harnessing data analytics, we help deliver valuable customer insights that enable our clients’ businesses to succeed. More information on hipay.com