Hyperwallet Hosts Hackathon to Inspire Innovation Around Charitable Giving

Visa will lend its support to the event in Austin, March 14th

Hyperwallet, a leading global payouts provider to millions of independent workers, announced today that it will be hosting its first Hyperwallet Hackathon in Austin on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. The company invites developers to collaborate and experiment with emerging payout technologies in order to improve the speed, access, and efficiency of charitable funds distribution during a disaster situation. Presented with support from Visa, the event is expected to attract the attention of Austin’s vibrant developer community. Donations and proceeds from the event will go to support non-profit organization Upbring and its disaster response programs.

“The fast, efficient, and secure distribution of funds is critical during a disaster situation when individuals often don’t have access to their money through traditional means,” explained Bill Crowley, Chief Product Officer at Hyperwallet. “We’re very excited to see what new solutions the developer community can build using Hyperwallet’s evolving platform of payout APIs and integrations.

Using Hyperwallet’s developer sandbox and API integrations, which includes real-time, direct-to-card capabilities care of Visa’s new Visa Direct network, participants will have eight hours to hack their solution. “The Visa Direct API is already helping power real time payouts for Hyperwallet users in a number of different use cases,” said Cecilia Frew, Head of US Push Payments at Visa. “By turning to the developer community, we’re eager to see new solutions that can help get funds distributed fast and securely if disaster strikes. Aside from Hyperwallet’s technology, hackers are free to leverage any third-party APIs and/or existing public services.

Participants will present their solutions for judgment by a panel of industry experts, and cash prizes will be distributed to the winners immediately following the event. The panel will include Hyperwallet Chief Product Officer Bill Crowley, Visa Vice President of Product Innovation Kelly Alpert, and HomeAway Software Architect Bryan Campbell.

“This is a great opportunity for the developer community to come together and make a real impact in future disaster relief efforts,” explained Brent Warrington, Hyperwallet’s CEO. “Hyperwallet’s global payout platform is designed to facilitate instant, or near-instant, payments to individuals almost anywhere in the world. We’re confident that our participants will find new and exciting ways to harness that capability and make a positive difference.”

Developers can register for the event for free at www.hyperwallet.com/hackathon. Participants are required to register as individuals, but are encouraged to compete on teams (with a maximum of three members per team).

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