Launching Manigo – The digital money platform of the future

Manigo is the world’s first digital money platform for consumers, businesses and merchants. Connecting the whole payments value chain, it will provide a seamless 360° digital finance customer experience and new plug-and-play business models for its partners.

Unlike industry peers, this digital ecosystem pioneer focuses on integration of services, open architecture, and blockchain incorporation. Led by an expert team with a ten-year track record in finance and payments technology, Manigo will drastically simplify the user experience and decrease costs for customers across its entire ecosystem.

To give all stakeholders an opportunity to be part of this financial revolution, Manigo is launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The number of UK mobile banking users is set to almost double from 17.8 million to 32.6 million by 2020. The FinTech boom too has led to a substantial growth in specialised financial apps, thus overwhelming customers. People are now using at least two or three apps to manage their finances, which is creating more confusion. Manigo, in contrast, provides a digital money service layer, allowing businesses and consumers a simplified customer experience and interaction with a single interface.

Manigo – a powerful digital money platform for all your financial needs

For consumers a mobile app is key. The Manigo app provides multi-currency accounts with MasterCard debit cards linked to them, along with a social payments facility as part of a built-in messaging application, and a stand-alone budgeting function. The same technology runs business accounts with expense automation, international payments and more via web dashboards as well as merchant services with omni-channel checkout solutions.

Manigo is creating a digital money ecosystem on Blockchain

Manigo’s core strategy is to build a unified ecosystem through which financial and related services can be accessed. Open architecture allows other companies to easily integrate Manigo services into their business offering, e.g. as a white label solution, while retaining focus on their core products. Any participating entity can interact and make payments instantly. Moreover, participating businesses can offer their products and services to the wider ecosystem community. Think of it as the Amazon marketplace for banking & finance, telecom, insurance services and much more.

The rise of platforms will revolutionise the business of digital finances

“What customers nowadays want is a simple customer experience. It is no longer relevant who is providing the financial service, but simply that it works well and that customers’ money is safe. As a result, the actual provider of the financial service is being pushed to the background. Banking is becoming a commodity. The focus has turned to a seamless customer experience, which is ultimately where the true value is.” Stevan Bajic, CEO Manigo

Manigo is launching a public crowdfunding campaign 

Manigo is built for everyone. For the second round of investments Manigo will be launching a crowdfunding campaign and letting business owners, investors, and all those passionate about the future of digital money become stakeholders in Manigo.

Join us and let’s grab a piece of that cake while we revolutionise the future of digital finances.