Leading lights in international payments set to go head-to-head in the EPA Payments Punch-Up at PayExpo 2016

London, UK, 6th June 2016 – London’s ExCeL centre will host PayExpo 2016 on 7-8 June and there are sure to be fireworks with international thought leaders going head-to-head with opposing views on the hottest topics in the industry today.

Tony Craddock, CEO of the Emerging Payments Association will be presenting eight Payments Punch-Ups across two days in the ring at the centre of the Expo.

Topics being debated include:

  • We will one day be a cashless society
  • Biometric innovations including selfie and voice verification will soon render passwords and PINs obsolete
  • The future of banking is not a better bank
  • Social networks are the future of payments
  • Virtual currencies are severely in need of more regulation
  • All non-KYC prepaid cards should be banned
  • Mobile Payment Wallets will one day replace traditional wallets
  • The Brexit Bashup

Speaking for ‘biometric innovations will render passwords and pins obsolete’, Mark Gerban, Director of Commercial Operations at Secure Trading said: “The world around us is crying out for a more secure, yet convenient way of paying.  PINs and passwords are viewed as sufficient security for now, but are slowly evolving to become less effective in a stand-alone security environment. Biometrics opens the door to enabling higher security, accessibility and ease of payment to the world, and is a natural progression to the future of payments.”

Contesting this assertion and arguing against it at PayExpo 2016 will be Dheeraj (DJ) Ahluwalia, Head of Global Partnerships at MyPinPad, who countered, “A strong and secure authentication solution requires a combination of something you are, something you have, and something you know. PIN is widely trusted and simple to use for consumers, and cost effective for the industry. This makes it an essential part of online multi-factor authentication”

Tony Craddock, CEO of the Emerging Payments Association, concludes: “The payments industry is one of the most exciting and innovative of the digital age. In such a fast-moving space, it’s natural for opposing views to rise as we develop different ways of advancing the offering for merchants and the experience for customers. PayExpo 2016 is the perfect setting to host these debates among international industry leaders on the topics that will affect our industry over the coming months and years. It promises to be a fascinating part of this year’s event.”

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About the Emerging Payments Association

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 For over a decade, the EPA has been a thriving community of progressive payments companies. It helps its members solve three problems:

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To solve these problems, the EPA runs more than 35 events each year, delivers projects to drive change, and undertakes lobbying and promotion of payment innovations, EPA members and the EPA.

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