MUUME and InterCard agree on cooperation in the field of mobile solutions for the student card

The Swiss Fintech company MUUME and InterCard are cooperating in digitization projects for students. The initial discussions with universities are already underway. Both companies have agreed on a close cooperation.

With its myInterCard platform, InterCard will offer the MUUME application for mobile services with an initial focus on the mobile money loading service. In this way, students can charge their physical student cards from InterCard with money while mobile. As part of the cooperation, both companies will also work together closely with the sales and marketing. In a second step, additional services such as an m-commerce platform for students or a money remittance system can be integrated in addition to the mobile money loading function.

Gerson Riesle, CEO of InterCard: “The cooperation with MUUME strengthens our products in the field of mobile services. I look forward to the integration of the first MUUME solutions, but even more to further developing our offers together with MUUME, such as in the shop area, or also implementing entirely new ideas, which we might not even think about right now.”

Patrick Urban, CMO of MUUME: “InterCard offers established systems for whose mobile optimization we have good solutions for students. It is a desired set-up with a great deal of potential, which we would like to utilize together with the team around Gerson Riesle.”