NetPay and AEVI transform checkout experience for restaurants

Mexican payment service provider, NetPay, famed for their innovative approach to transaction services, is leading the way in transforming the checkout experience for their restaurant merchants with the launch of NetPay’s SMART POS product line. The first device in their new portfolio utilizes AEVI’s open and secure Global Marketplace and premium white-label Smart Point of Sale device, Albert, to deliver choice and flexibility to restaurants and food outlets across Mexico.

AEVI’s Global Marketplace provides NetPay with an open platform of tailored, high quality apps and services. NetPay’S SMART POS operates a bundled approach, providing each restaurant and food outlet with a fully customizable and unique suite of apps carefully selected to meet their needs, bringing them closer to their consumers and enabling them to go beyond payments at the point of sale.


Pilots will begin this year in Mexico with a few of NetPay’s most valued customers and some of the country’s most important financial institutions. The pilot will see several NetPay SMART POS devices, complete with pre-defined bundles of tailor made apps, being used by full service, flash, mobile and pop-up restaurants by the end of 2018.

AEVI’s secure Global Marketplace apps reduces time for the restaurant to spend on back office tasks and can vastly improve their customer service experience for return business. Customer service apps range from bill splitting, taxi calling, table booking, staff/restaurant ratings and digital loyalty schemes. For the restaurant owner, a platform of back-end business management tools includes table management, stock and inventory control, review of sales trends, employee management reports, receipt storage, new product trials and order tracking.

Juan Pablo Aldape Platas, CEO and Founder of NetPay says: “With AEVI’s open and secure payment solutions we are able to put customizable, smart point of sale services directly into the hands of our food outlet merchants. NetPay is excited to enable our merchants to grow their business with an open system that brings security and peace of mind, whilst driving innovation and customer service. If a customer is happy with the service, then that makes our merchants happy. ”

Speaking at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, AEVI’s Managing Director Mike Camerling said: “Our new partnership with NetPay marks a significant step forward in our expansion into new and emerging markets in the America’s. We’re excited to offer NetPay the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the Mexican market as we continue to expand globally. “

AEVI’s Albert is the world’s first fully open, white-labelled PCI-compliant SmartPOS terminal and has already achieved unparalleled success in international markets. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has successfully integrated over 100,000 Albert terminals throughout Australia, with further pilot schemes currently running across Europe and North America.

NetPay, Mexico has offered its payment and collection solutions services since 2008 in the following areas: electronic purses, electronic vouchers, credit and debit cards in VISA, MasterCard, Carnet and private labels. We have also developed banking correspondence and the integration of banking systems. In addition, having our payment solutions of Terminal NetPay and NetPay Mobile (Formerly called IsyPay).

At NetPay we have been concerned over the years to offer to our customer the best service possible in order to solve their needs. That is why we have a team of highly qualified staff to always offer added value. For more information, visit: