NetPay Group highlights its commitment to support a reboot of the Irish economy

NetPay Group has highlighted its commitment to supporting a reboot of the Irish economy by providing businesses with competitive merchant payment services through its partner channel.

After months of preparation and investment NetPay Group has now broadened its reach into Ireland in a bid to help businesses increase their competitiveness and reduce their overhead costs, offering a convenient and cost effective way for their customers to pay.

In April 2013 the Irish Government introduced The National Payments Plan (NPP), a three year plan, targeting savings of up to EUR1bn per annum to the economy by a doubling of electronic payments by 2015 through a significant shift away from cash and cheque payments.

Carl Churchill, Managing Director, NetPay Group said “NetPay are committed to helping Ireland achieve its NPP goal of doubling electronic payments by 2015, we are doing so by offering a competitive service through our partners in a market where merchants are commonly seriously overcharged by the incumbent providers.”

Retailers in Ireland are increasingly refusing to take credit or debit card payments under EUR10 due to the rising costs of card payment fees, however with NetPay, embracing initiatives such as “low value payments” isn’t an issue with NetPay providing discounts to merchants on card processing fees giving a substantial opportunity for businesses.  NetPay supports the Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO’s)*  recommendation for retailers to shop around to reduce the cost of accepting payments, ensuring that they are getting the best deal when it comes to card payment solutions.

“The card payment industry in Ireland has traditionally been dominated by High Street banks and larger independent payment service providers. NetPay is now offering merchants a competitive alternative, with reporting and transaction analytics that can enable them to improve on their consumer experience as well as reducing their costs.” – Continued Churchill.

In the coming months NetPay will be embarking on a partner recruitment, enablement and drive campaign to kick-start  Irish merchant opportunities,  giving them the variety and choice that will support them to grow their business and realise their financial strength.