NetPay Shortlisted for FStech Most Disruptive Technology Award 2014

NetPay Group is excited to announce that they have been shortlisted for the prestigious FStech Most Disruptive Technology Award for its flagship Revolution platform.

This award will go to a company who the judges feel have come up with the most disruptive financial sector technology during the past 12 months, one that has the potential to disrupt the way the FS sector operates, displacing an earlier technology.

NetPay’s ambition has been to change the way merchants are serviced by payment service providers, change their expectations, give them value over and above just the transaction itself, distinguish by innovation and provide ‘more for their money’. NetPay provides complete visibility and control through its innovative Revolution platform that continues to be enhanced to provide more detailed analysis and features based on the feedback of partners and merchants. Revolution is empowering merchants enabling them to run their businesses more efficiently, make informed financial decisions and put them in control of managing their services.

Carl Churchill, Managing Director of NetPay said “We are delighted to be shortlisted for the FStech Most Disruptive Technology Award. We pride ourselves in developing solutions and services that deliver real differentiation and uniqueness in the market place.”

Churchill continues: “Before NetPay merchants received very limited information from their providers, in many cases nothing more than a statement once a month. We invested in developing a management and reporting platform that provides merchants with intelligent transaction information and intelligence giving business owners the metrics and statistics that allow them to respond to market changes and buying decisions quickly.”

The FStech awards take place on Thursday 27th March at the Lancaster Hotel, London.