ONPEX enters Indian ecommerce market by partnering MerchantPay Solutions

London, 11 August 2015: ONPEX, The Online Payment Exchange has announced its entry into the dynamic and booming Indian ecommerce market by forging a partnership agreement with innovative Indian e-payment service providers, MerchantPay Solutions.

India is currently in the midst of a mobile commerce revolution. Figures from the Internet and Mobile Association of India show that 60% of all India’s internet users are using mobile. That adds up to 213 million mobile shoppers. To put this into context, there were a mere 48 million mobile users in India in June 2012.

With MerchantPay Solutions as a key sales partner in India, ONPEX is now ready to offer its omni-channel payment platform to drive this revolution further.

Christoph Tutsch, Founder and CEO of ONPEX explained why the Indian market was so critical: “Ecommerce is booming in India, especially in mobile channels. We are looking at a market where there has been a 344% rise in mobile phone use in just three years. In these fast moving circumstances, it can be difficult for merchants to keep pace with technological demands.

“ONPEX offer merchants a white-label solution that gives them the power to accept payments from any channel and in a multitude of currencies. We can give banks and payment service providers the ability to re-engineer themselves and be equipped with cutting edge payments technology. So, not only will it allow Indian merchants to accept more domestic mobile payments, it will also allow them to trade with the wider world, fuelling this ecommerce revolution further.”

Pawan Jain , Managing Director of MerchantPay Solutions said: “This is a perfect partnership and one with the potential to thrive in the Indian market. We are using the ONPEX white-label platform and our clients are already reaping the benefits. With the ONPEX technology and the MerchantPay Solutions expertise in the Indian market, the opportunities to grow are considerable.”