Paragon announces new PCI environment to support contract wins and enhance market offering

Paragon Customer Communications today announced that they have gained PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) attestation; the ultimate level of security for data processing and communication production available in the UK.

Following an investment of in excess of £2m in their technology and production infrastructure, Paragon now offer clients a ring-fenced, highly secure Cardholder Data Environment to enable the storage, transmission and processing of extremely sensitive data all supported by dedicated specialist production units.

Achieving PCI DSS attestation involves a detailed audit to ensure the company’s technology, network and internal processes are compliant, documented and up to the stringent PCI standards. Paragon completed its certification following an audit by independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), confirming its solutions conform to the PCI DSS standard. This attestation of compliance warrants Paragon meets the demands of credit card companies, banks and other industries that require highly compliant controls protecting data security and integrity in the production of their communications.

Jeremy Walters, CEO of Paragon Customer Communications, commented:  “At Paragon we are not waiting for the impact of GDPR or the Government’s launch of their Data Protection Bill. We have long been known as a leader in transactional and regulatory communications and have been working for the last 12 months to achieve this standard in order to support two major financial service contract wins and expand our service offering.

We know how important our clients’ data is, so we are always looking to reduce the risk of potential cyber-attacks whilst ensuring the highest standards of data integrity. With the industry spotlight very much on data security, the announcement of the provision of this enhanced service to customers who use data in their communication is very timely”, added Walters.

The new PCI infrastructure is already being used by Paragon who process and distribute over 4 million pieces of communication a day on behalf of their customers.

Paragon Customer Communications (Paragon CC) are an integrated communication service provider.  We use the latest technology to enable responsive and meaningful engagement, supporting our clients and their customer journeys:

  • Paragon CC are a UK leader in transactional, regulatory, and direct marketing communication.
  • The business is headed up by Jeremy Walters, CEO of Paragon CC, with an annual UK revenue of more than £200m, with 1,800 employees across 11 sites
  • UK headquarters is located at Finsbury Circus, London with 10 nationwide production and service sites including facilities in Bristol, Dagenham, Edinburgh, Jarrow, Manchester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Rotherham, Rugeley and Sunderland
  • Products and solutions include: Secure document services, data strategy & insight, print services, digital services, managed services, customer communication management

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