Partnership finalised between NetPay and The UK Web Design Association

NetPay and The UK Web Design Association (UKWDA) have announced a partnership that will offer its 10,000 members the ability to resell NetPay’s online payment processing services allowing them to gain additional recurring revenue in addition to services they already provide their customers.

This partnership allows web and graphic design businesses to remain competitive within the market place, attract new opportunities and deliver a service that is compelling to new and existing customers whilst delivering revenue and profit growth for their business.

Martin O’Brien from the UKWDA said “This offer will allow our members the opportunity to extend the service they offer to their customers and provide them with a complete end to end solution, which is something we have not been able to offer before.”

Carl Churchill, Managing Director at NetPay said “There is an increased focus for web designers to find other ways of generating additional and more importantly recurring revenue. As revenue is often limited to the creation of the website and any updates that are needed along the way. NetPay and UKWDA are providing web designers with a new, recurring, lucrative revenue opportunity that provides differentiation but critically a more cost effective solution for their customers. This is a service their customers are already taking advantage of and integrating into the web sites they are building. This gives them the opportunity to now not only capture revenue from this service but deliver something more competitive than competitors in this space and give their customers one level of ownership.”

Churchill continues “Internet shopping accounts for nearly 20% of all retail purchases in the UK and that figure is growing by in excess of 17% year on year. Whichever way you look at it and whichever statistics source you use – ecommerce purchases in the UK are growing exponentially. NetPay are providing a unique opportunity to web designers to sell cost effective card processing solutions to their customers.”