Payments; more than just a transaction according to new manifesto

London, UK. 9 October 2018. Payment solutions platform, Intrapay, has launched its payments Manifesto, discussing the future direction of the payments industry. In perspective: A Manifesto for better payments offers expert insights into the future of payments from five of Intrapay’s executive board members and chief payment experts:

  • Director of Client Solutions, Colm Whelan explores the evolution of the payments industry and explains how merchants can manage the impact of change on their business.
  • Chief Executive Officer, Koen Vanpraet investigates the scope for improving client intimacy in the payment process in the future.
  • Chief Risk Officer, Stephen Buechner, argues that rather than putting a brake on innovation, risk management makes it possible to identify and successfully develop new payment solutions.
  • Head of Professional Services, Jay Payne is on a mission to reverse the commoditisation of payments and move the focus back towards the user experience.
  • Chief Product and Innovation OfficerRichard Beaton believes the payments industry is moving towards making better use of existing systems in order to improve the user experience.

Commenting on the new manifesto, CEO Koen Vanpraet explained: “The payments industry has transformed beyond all recognition in recent years, bringing exciting opportunities for merchants to grow. With this comes challenges in reconciling the goal of frictionless payments with optimum security. With this manifesto, everyone on the Intrapay team has put forward our vision of the future of the sector, exploring how we can work together as an industry to overcome obstacles and really transform the way consumers interact with businesses. It’s a fascinating read.”

Copies of the manifesto will be available at PayExpo from 9-10 October 2018 at the Business Design Centre, London. Digital copies can also be downloaded from

If you would like to talk to one of team features in the manifesto to understand how you can improve the payment experience for your customers, contact: Callum Garner at [email protected]

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