PAYMILL now with AMEX, multiple currencies and AutoInvoicing

PAYMILL, the European payment service provider, now enables merchants to accept multiple credit cards. Next to already integrated credit card brands like MasterCard and VISA, PAYMILL offers now American Express, Diners Club and others. Another innovation is the increased number of acceptable transaction and payout currencies.

From today on, merchants can accept payments in 120 transaction currencies from their customers all over Europe. Also payouts can be conducted in more than 20 currencies. This reduces the traditional hassle and complexity, as PAYMILL allows merchants to handle and process all cards and currencies in one account from everywhere in Europe.

Next to the currency and card extensions, PAYMILL launched AutoInvoicing as well. Merchants can now add invoicing and merchant notifications on their PAYMILL account. The installation is very simple and straight forward and enables merchants to send out automated invoices to their clients in their company’s corporate identity. This reduces administrative efforts and costs and makes business even more efficient.

Mark Henkel, CEO and co-founder of PAYMILL: “Merchants can already integrate PAYMILL flexibly on their website and their customers do not need to be redirected to other websites to make a payment. However, through our latest product development – the integration of multiple currencies, further credit cards and AutoInvoicing, which all can be handled in one account  – we tailor PAYMILL even more to our customers’ needs and make the product as consumer-friendly as possible. This will lead to even fewer customer dropouts and significantly higher conversion rates and makes PAYMILL the easiest online payment solution on the market.”

The intuitive developer friendly API, the rapid on-boarding process, the highest security standards, the broad offer of currencies and the transparent pricing all combined with comprehensive and friendly customer service sets PAYMILL apart from other online payment solutions. PAYMILL – the Red Herring Top 100 Award Winner 2013 (previous winners include Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype etc.) – is the first provider to have brought this simple, user-friendly technical solution to Europe.