PayU extends cooperation with Visa and launches Visa Checkout service

Thanks to cooperation of PayU with Visa, Polish eConsumers may conveniently and safely pay for online shopping by means of Visa Checkout.

PayU S.A., the largest online payments provider in Poland, within the agreement signed with Visa extends the range of modern payment forms with Visa Checkout. Visa Checkout will be available for all services handled by PayU in a couple of weeks and earlier, within a pilot programme, it will be implemented by several selected stores. The buyers who register any card (credit, debit, pre-paid one) in Visa Checkout will be able to pay for the next shopping by means of one click and determination of login & password.

“Again, as one of the first ones in Europe, we offer access to the latest online payment ways, developed in a lot of countries in the world, to our clients. We owe the efficiency in implementation of such solutions to possession of our own authorisation & settlement centre as well as the license of a settlement agent certified by card organisations, inter alia by Visa. We are happy that thanks to it, we are currently the largest partner of Visa in Poland in the process of implementation of Visa Checkout in our country. We expect that the new method, similarly to other payments made in the course of one click, will get great popularity among the ones who shop online,” says Joanna Pieńkowska-Olczak, Country Manager for PayU Poland.

Visa Checkout service is available on 23 markets and so far, in global terms, 20 million accounts have been opened in the service. 95%i of clients consider registration in the service as easy and 96%[i] of them have the sense of safety while paying by means of Visa Checkout. Also the fact that 86%[ii] of the clients selecting this form of payment finalise their shopping, making at the same time 30%ii more transactions than the general buyers, should be important from the point of view of the online stores and services handled by PayU.

“Online transactions is the segment of Visa payments that develops the fastest. Nowadays, we may pay online by means of bigger and bigger number of devices and practically from any place in the world. Visa Checkout is a solution that facilitates paying in the network from any device, which has proven successful in a lot of countries and is globally accepted by more than 300 thousand retailers. Thanks to our cooperation with PayU, the group of Polish e-stores accepting this payment method will be growing in a very fast pace,” comments Jakub Kiwior, Business Development & Marketing Director, Central & Eastern Europe, Visa.

Firstly, Visa Checkout is made available to the partners of PayU that add the individual payment channels directly on the websites of their online stores and services. Soon, this solution will also be available for all business clients of PayU within the standard payment form, in which the new payment method will occur automatically.

More information on Visa Checkout service.

Technical information for business clients of PayU.


PayU is one of the largest provider of payment services in the world, which has chosen creation of a fast, simple and effective payment process for the sellers and the buyers in 16 dynamically developing economies in Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. The potential population of e-consumers on these markets exceeds 2.2 billion people. PayU is the online payments leader in Poland and on a lot of other markets. The scope of the payment services offered by PayU includes inter alia one click payments, mobile payments in store application or fully online instalments. PayU is responsible for the area of the financial technologies of Naspers Ltd. Read more.

Visa Checkout is a solution facilitating online payments, which allows for payment making by means of one click and determination of login & password. The user saves their payment card (debit, credit or pre-paid one) and the delivery address in the service only once – during registration. Thanks to it, in order to make the transaction it is not necessary to have the card in hand or to enter all the necessary data each time. The service is adjusted to optimum operation both on computers and on mobile devices. The multi-level protection system using inter alia 3D-Secure service cares about the safety of the transactions realised through Visa Checkout.

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[ii] Results of comScore 2015 Visa Checkout Study upon the order of Visa. On the basis of the data from comScore research panel conducted on the sample of 1 million users of PCs/laptops in the United States. Shopping made in all e-commerce domains in the period from April to October 2015 was researched.