Retail-BCG Announce ATM Advertising Partnership

Retail Bank Consulting Group (Retail-BCG), have today announced their partnership with a specialist in integrated media solutions. This partnership brings ATM advertising to the UK and Irish markets through Retail-BCG’s ATMs.

The unique infrastructure that Retail-BCG runs allows adverts to be deployed remotely and to specific ATMs.  As the ATM user is already watching the screen, it means up to three adverts are viewed for on average 5 seconds each. The adverts can also be coupled with receipt advertising and coupon redemption.

Retail-BCG views this as a continued commitment to customers, to drive value and generate new income streams.

Andrew Martin, Retail-BCG’s CEO stated. “With our unique internet based solution we can deploy advertising by ATM; time of day; and by cardholder.  Allowing accurate targeting of the ATM users. When we combine this with our new partnership we drive true value for our clients”.

Retail Bank Consulting Group (Retail-BCG), specialise in the payments sector bringing innovation and expertise to the complex areas of payments and payment devices such as ATMs through our intimate knowledge of card schemes, regulations and operational models. Within our group we also operate an ATM outsourcing and BPO service for our clients. We bring to market new technology, new providers and new solutions which reduce operating costs and enhance service capability.