Retail-BCG Launch ATM Data Analytics Tool

Retail-BCG has launched a new data analytics service unique for the ATM market.

All usage data and profile data for Retail-BCG’s ATMs is captured in a cloud SQL system and then migrated to the data analytics tool. Not only transactional data is captured, but also event data such as maintenance calls and types and also site criteria such as retail location and proximity to the nearest ATM.

Within the tool all the data can be analysed to bring a new dimension to ATMs, bringing the ATM business model to life while driving further efficiencies to the business.

Retail-BCG can provide analysis to include:

  • ATV trends based on time of day
  • Transaction trends by store type
  • Interchange impact with new POS or marketing
  • Maintenance trends allowing preventative maintenance i.e. replacing parts before they fail
  • Site optimisation, how to maximise surcharge based on dynamic pricing

The list is almost endless and continuously developing as more data is brought together.

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