Retail-BCG launch extended end to end ATM services

Retail Bank Consulting Group (Retail-BCG) have launched their unique ‘Extended End to End ATM Services’ to the European banking and retail market.

Andrew Martin, Retail-BCG’s CEO stated “end to end services is a coined phrase in the ATM arena, where today any services company will not only have an extensive contract embedding their services but also a long comprehensive list of services not included. This is not the case with Retail-BCG, as within our services we provide everything needed to keep the ATM operational including cash provision, insurance, vandalism and other services.”

Retail-BCG’s services are unique because there are no exceptions in the contract and each contract is customised to the specific bank or retailer. Retail-BCG guarantee clients a comprehensive fully extended end to end ATM service which leaves no need for contracting with other service providers – a truly unique service.

Retail-BCG specialise in the payments sector bringing innovation and expertise to the complex areas of payments and payment devices such as ATMs through our intimate knowledge of card schemes, regulations and operational models. Within our group we also operate an ATM outsourcing and BPO service for our clients. We bring to market new technology, new providers and new solutions which reduce operating costs and enhance service capability.