Satispay now on PagoPA – Italian citizens now can pay taxes, fines and much more by smartphone

  • The mobile payment service is now part of the Italian Public Administration’s electronic payment system
  • Paying taxes, fines and service fees by smartphone has never been so easy, fast and convenient

Satispay, the mobile payment app that is revolutionising the electronic payments sector, has joined PagoPA, the Italian Public Administration’s single payment system that enables citizens to pay for public services (taxes, fines, car taxes, health co-pays, etc.) quickly and easily, online, without having to queue at a branch.

The new agreement between PagoPA and Satispay is part of the broader Three-Year Plan for ICT in Public Administration, a document providing strategic and economic guidance on the digital transformation of the country’s PA. The Plan’s main objectives include encouraging the adoption of enabling platforms such as SPID (digital identity), ANPR (national registry) and PagoPA.
PagoPA, which has already been adopted by thousands of government offices, banks, post offices, credit institutions and businesses, allows citizens to pay for public services conveniently from home and provides various advantages, such as advance information about the cost of a transaction and receipts to document payments, which are booked in real time, making them immediately visible to payees. This flexible, modern system is intended to bridge Italy’s digital gap and make its Public Administration system more responsive to citizens.

Satispay’s role in this process is to serve as an extremely simple, fast and convenient alternative method of payment: in 2017, the taxpayer’s charges for each transaction will be borne by Satispay, whereas from 2018 the fees will be just €0.20 for payments over €10, with no charge for smaller amounts. Yet using Satispay to make payments provides much greater value, represented above all by the extreme speed and simplicity with which citizens can fulfil their obligations.

To use Satispay to pay for public services, on the page where the total amount is calculated, users simply select Satispay as their method of payment, confirm that they wish to pay with Satispay and enter their mobile telephone number into the window that is displayed. Through the Satispay app installed on their smartphones (all brands and operating systems are supported), they will then immediately receive a notification, which they can accept in order to complete the payment in few seconds and receive an immediate receipt by email.

Alberto Dalmasso, CEO of Satispay, commented: “Satispay was founded with the precise goal of changing people’s daily payment habits, making their lives easier and generating savings, above all in terms of time. We have been working towards this goal with dedication and we have reached important agreements and milestones in the course of this year. Early on — when we were not yet in supermarkets or the stores of famous brands — the Italian government’s Digital Transformation

Team recognised Satispay as one of the tools capable of contributing to the strategic project of digitalising Italy. Over the past year, the opportunity to join PagoPA — a project central to the digital transformation of Italy — constantly stimulated us to do better and provide citizens with an efficient service that would profoundly simplify the way they manage their lives.”

The Satispay app has been downloaded 380,000 times and the service has 220,000 active users to date. There are 21,000 businesses participating in the system, increasing by 80 each day. In Italy, more than 26,000 stores accept payments by Satispay.

Satispay is a mobile payment system that allows users to transfer money using an alternative network that does not rely on credit and debit cards. The service is efficient, free and secure. Available for download for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, Satispay can be used by anyone with a bank account. Sending money to phone contacts and paying in stores (online and physical) is as easy as sending a message or checking-in on social media. The service is entirely free of charge for users: there are no signup costs or charges for sending or receiving payments. There are no activation fees or monthly fees for physical and online businesses participating in the service, just a fixed fee of €0.20 for payments of more than €10: there are no fees at all for payments below this amount. Satispay S.p.A. is an innovative startup and a result of the hard work of a young Italian team. Following its previous financing rounds, the company recently completed a significant capital increase, bringing its total funding to €26.8 million. In addition to its clear economic advantages, Satispay also enables an improved customer experience by making payments faster and more efficient and reducing waiting times at the register. These are the reasons that are convincing small stores and large brands such as the following to add Satispay to their payment options: Esselunga, Coop, Trenord, Benetton, Caffè Vergnano, Venchi, Domino’s Pizza, Grom, MyChef, Gruppo Cigierre, Total Erg, Kasanova, Repsol, Freddy, Moleskine, Arcaplanet, MC2 St. Barth, Sorelle Ramonda, and Vivigas.