Seamless prepares for new CEO and new chairman

Seamless Distribution AB (“Seamless”) today announces that preparations are made to appoint John Longhurst, currently Chairman of the Board, as new CEO of Seamless. The appointment is intended to become effective at the time of the extra general meeting (“EGM”) on November 24, for which a notice has been announced today.

The notice for the EGM includes a proposal to appoint Tomas Jalling as new member of the Board. Tomas Jalling, the current CEO, is proposed to become new Chairman of the Board as John Longhurst enters in his new role as Seamless’ CEO.

As separately announced today, the notice for the EGM also includes proposals for a new strategic focus and a share issue as previously disclosed.

Seqr is the standard way to pay. Developed by Seamless, Seqr is the safe, fast and easy way to pay by mobile. The only thing the user needs is the Seqr app to scan a QR code or tap on the NFC terminal. Globally, over 30 million contactless card terminals now accept Seqr. The low investment and transaction fees for merchants and among others ensure that Seqr is one of the most widely used mobile payment solutions in Europe.

Since 2001 Seamless has been providing its proprietary solutions and systems for mobile phone transactions. Seamless operates in two main business areas; mobile phone payment solutions (provided through the brands SEQR©and MeaWallet™) and distribution of e-products.