SIA: The Board Approves the 2016 Financial Statements

Massimo Arrighetti - CEO, SIA

Growth in Economic Results and Business Figures 

Economic-financial figures   

  • Total consolidated revenues: €468.2 million (+4.2%)
  • Consolidated Ebit: €104.2 million (+3.7%)
  • Net consolidated profit: €70.3 million (+0.8%)


  • Proposed distribution of an ordinary dividend €44.55 million equal to €0.26 per share

Business figures 

  • Growth in all figures for electronic transactions managed:
    • 4.3 billion card transactions (+9.4%)
    • 2.8 billion payments (+1.7%)
    • 12.2 billion clearing transactions (+24%)
  • Also up trading and post-trading transactions:
    • 47.4 billion (+13.7%)
  • Increase in the data carried along the 160,000 km of the SIAnet network: 654 terabytes (+82.7%)

The Board of Directors of SIA, meeting under the chairmanship of Giuliano Asperti, has examined and approved the Draft Financial Statements at 31 December 2016.

In 2016, Group revenues rose to €468.2 million with a growth of €18.8 million (+4.2%) over 2015. The Cards segment represents51% of revenues, Payments segment 25% and the Institutional Services 24%.

In 2016 the gross operating margin increased to €124.9 million, up by €1 million (+0.8%) and Ebit rose to €104.2 million, up by €3.7 million compared to the previous year (+3.7%).

The pre-tax result was a profit of €103.7 million, up by €3.1 million (+3.1%). Also the Group net profit rose to €70.3 million, an increase of €0.5 million (+0.8%).

Consolidated normalised EBITDA, which does not take account of extraordinary events or transactions, amounts to €142.6 million compared to €130.4 million of the previous financial year (+9.4%).

In 2016 the SIA Group handled overall the clearing of 12.2 billion transactions (+24% compared to 2015), 4.3 billion card transactions (+9.4%) and 2.8 billion payment transactions (+1.7%) relating to credit transfers and collections.

On the financial markets, the number of trading and post-trading transactions rose to 47.4 billion from 41.7 billion of 2015, an increase of 13.7%.

SIA handled a volume of traffic of 654.3 terabytes of data on the 160,000 km of the SIAnet network, an increase of 82.7% on 2015, with total infrastructure availability and 100% service levels.

Thanks to the results achieved in 2016, with a net profit of €69.8 million, and in the light of the objectives of growth and stabilization of profitability in the timescale set out in the three-year Strategic Plan, also taking account of the loans taken out to carry out the corporate transactions completed last year, the Board of Directors will propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting the distribution of an ordinary dividend for the 2016 financial year of €44.55 million corresponding to €0.26 per share (total 171,343,227 shares).