Social influencers compete in ‘The Payments Race’ to Money 20/20 Europe

  • Eight influencers, including Dave Erasmus, race from London to Copenhagen each using one payment method
  • In association with Money 20/20 Europe, the ‘runners’ will appear on stage at the event to discuss the positives and limitations to their payment method
  • Bookmaker Paddy Power prices chip & pin as favourite to win, with gold as the outsider

Eight social influencers have embarked on a race from London’s Trafalgar Square to Copenhagen, each only allowed to use one form of payment for the entire journey. Titled ‘The Payments Race’, the participants will have the weekend to find their way onto mainland Europe and to the finish line at The Bella Centre in Copenhagen in time to appear at Europe’s largest fintech event, Money 20/20.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has priced music producer and artist Mr Cooper with gold at odds of 25/1, making him the outsider, and filmmaker Jordan Dusty Drew with chip & pin as the favourite with odds of 2/1 in a new ‘Fintech Specials’ market. With one of the most challenging payment methods, charitable entrepreneur and Ted speaker, Dave Erasmus, will be using bitcoin (odds of 7/1) provided by mobile bitcoin wallet, CoinCorner. Notoriously volatile on the global exchange, bitcoin has the potential to leave Erasmus penniless or with more than the £500 initial spend amount for each runner.

Organised by finance intelligence site, Fintech Finance, The Payments Race culminates on Monday 26th June at 4.30pm with a panel discussion on stage between the runners and founder, Ali Paterson (also participating) at Money 20/20 in The Arena. The runners will Vlog as they go, filming every transaction they make, in a bid to determine the most accepted and most difficult payment method with shopkeepers, taxi drivers, ticket offices and any other business they interact with. Those that fail to make it in time will be video-linked in on the big screen.

The runners with respective payment methods are:

  • Actor, Kevin Leslie, with a credit card provided by global payment brand and leading payments issuer in Japan, JCB. (9/2)
  • Tech review YouTuber, Stuart Thomas of Stuart Thomas Media, with a wheelbarrow full of coins provided by cash payments trade association, ATMIA. (22/1)
  • UK based Music Producer and Artist with Coldray Close Records, Mr Cooper, with gold bullion provided by the world’s largest precious metals payment network, Goldmoney. (25/1)
  • Filmmaker and photographer, Jordan Dusty Drew, with a chip & pin prepaid card provided by global transactions services provider, Saxo Payments. (2/1)
  • Software engineer and Instagrammer, Giorgio Zinetti, with mobile payments provided by POS payments solution provider, Spire Payments. (4/1)
  • YouTuber, Dave Erasmus, with bitcoin provided by CoinCorner. (7/1)
  • Fintech.Finance founder, Ali Paterson, with a contactless debit card provided by software solutions provider, TAS Group. (9/2)
  • Publisher and manager at marketing agency Big Rock, Misha Jessel-Kenyon, with a swipe-and-sign prepaid card provided by global payments platform, AEVI. (8/1)

Ali Paterson, founder at Fintech Finance said, “With the price of bitcoin soaring, fancy new plastic fivers appearing when cash is supposed to be nearing extinction, and a seemingly endless array of near-identical mobile payment methods sprouting all over the place, we felt it was high-time to bring all forms of payment available to the consumer together in their eclectic glory for Money 20/20 Europe and put them to the test. Whether it’s paying for a bratwurst with bitcoin, a chalet with contactless or a gondola with gold, our willing participants will discover the real state-of-pay across the continent.”

Paddy Power said, “I can’t walk to the shop without forgetting my wallet so fair play to these lot for taking on the challenge.

According to the odds a few will have their work cut out, especially outsider Stuart Thomas with his pennies, but hopefully the allure of arriving in the land that gave us Lego and Nicklas Bendtner will get them over the line.”

The Paddy Power ‘Fintech Specials’ market can be found here:


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