Strategic Partnership between Greek Fintech VivaPayments and Alipay

Alipay transactions possible in Greece for the first time 

VivaPayments, a global, cloud-based digital payments factory, providing innovative, reliable, and secure payments services to consumers, professionals, and businesses of any size, formed a strategic partnership with leading Chinese mobile and online payment platform Alipay. Through this collaboration, Alipay users can access the service for the first time, while visiting Greece 

The vast network of businesses operating with VivaPayments’ online payments platform, VivaWallet, will channel Alipay transactions to several touristic locations throughout Greece. VivaWallet’s user friendliness, has made it a favorite among Greek business-owners all over the country, including high-traffic touristic areas, such as Mykonos, Santorini, or even the center of Athens.

“Our partnership with Alipay is of particular significance to VivaPayments, as it signals our universally-directed corporate mentality. Payments via Alipay, are now a reality in Greece, and we expect this novelty to vastly expand the potential of local businesses, making their service more attractive to a very significant market segment. This year only, Greece is expecting more than 150.000 visitors from China, and according to predictions, this number will keep growing. It is necessary therefore, when dealing with this important touristic audience, to be able to facilitate their consumer habits. The continuous evolution of our services through cutting edge technology, and strategic partnerships, is key to our international development”, stated VivaPayments’ Chief marketing Officer, Mr. Panos Tsakos

About Viva Payments: Viva Payments S.A., is a global, cloud-based digital payments factory providing innovative, reliable payments services, while safeguarding the security of each transaction. The company’s main product is Viva Wallet, a new, integrated payment solution for businesses and individuals. Viva Payments S.A. was founded in 2010, in Athens, Greece, and has been licensed by the Central Bank of Greece, to provide its services throughout the European Economic Area (EEA31). The company additionally, holds offices in London, England, and Brussels, Belgium.