Talk-A-Bot and Cellum showcase chatbot payments at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 – San Francisco, CA

Joint solution allows users to complete purchases through conversations with chatbots 

At this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco, Hungarian startup Talk-A-Bot introduced its chatbot solution to the public. Offering human-like conversational capability tailored to individual users, the solution also allows the completion of purchases through integration with mobile wallet provider Cellum’s secure transaction platform.

About 2.5 billion people worldwide use chat applications on a daily basis – there are more chat messages sent each day then the total number of SMS text messages ever sent. Chat has thus become the most popular means of communication.

Automation is inevitably coming to both business and consumer markets. As ever more chat applications evolve into platforms on which to build value-added services, chatbots are emerging as the solution of choice for companies looking to increase their efficiency in serving their customers.

Attending Disrupt SF, one of the world’s largest startup-focused events, Hungary’s Talk-A-Bot demoed its chatbot solution to an international audience with some of the greatest minds in technology and many venture capital investors. Talk-A-Bot offers chatbots tailored to organizations’ brand and unique needs, with support for an individual personality and style for the bot. The technology also supports advanced services, such as marketing integration and big data capabilities.

Chatbots can provide first-level customer service to consumers or guide them through the purchase process. Thanks to the partnership with internationally renowned mobile transaction solutions provider Cellum, chatbots by Talk-A-Bot can also complete purchases on users’ behalf, with the user only needing to confirm the transaction using biometric authentication or a personal passcode.

Talk-A-Bot has already been selected by a number of prestigious partners, such as Viber, Nestlé and Sziget festival and their chatbots are used by over 1.3 million people. The partnership with Cellum aims to increase the usefulness of the chatbot solution, offering even more value to the companies’ customers. Cellum’s secure transaction platform has been operating for a decade without a single case of fraud.

“Users and companies are still learning how to use chat for business purposes. Chatbot based customer service is great to increase brand value and to cut cost, but the real business value of social chat platforms is unlocked only if payment is possible. By partnering with Cellum, Talk-A-Bot can offer trusted payment services on this new channel and drive more business with clear differentiation for companies who introduce chatbots,” said Talk-A-Bot co-founder Ákos Deliága.

“Cellum has partners all across the globe, from Europe to Asia. We are seeing the transformation that is taking place, particularly in Southeast Asia, as consumer preferences shift towards the chat interface. We are very happy to partner with Talk-A-Bot in order to be able to reach these consumers with fast, convenient and secure transaction services,” said Cellum CEO János Kóka.

Talk-A-Bot is a chatbot agency from Hungary that offers chatbots as a full-range solution to corporate clients and major brands. The company is not a typical startup: it was founded by four business veterans with more than ten years of international experience each, and is completely self-funded.

Talk-A-Bot does more than just software development: the company aims to become a global thought leader in terms of the marketing and business value of chatbots. The company is taking this approach to help its partners achieve their marketing and business goals.

Talk-A-Bot has already partnered with a number of prestigious brands, such as Viber, Nestlé and leading European cultural festival Sziget, as well as with popular Hungarian news portal Index.


Cellum is a leading multinational mobile wallet provider based in Europe. Its innovations make transactions via smartphones easy and secure. The company’s banking-grade security solutions cover all areas of m-commerce, including mobile commerce and payments as well as NFC (contactless) technologies. Cellum is PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1 compliant, being one of the first mobile payment service providers in the world to comply with the most important security standard of the top global card companies.

Systems operated by Cellum currently manage 20+ million secure mobile transactions per year, with customers and partners including MasterCard, Telenor, T-Online, Erste Bank, OTP Bank, PaysBuy, Finnet, NF Innova, Kalixa and Credorax. It has signed a deal with leading Indonesian handset manufacturer Evercoss, bringing its preinstalled m-wallet to over 5 million Evercross branded handsets. Cellum has also won multiple national and international awards, including the Citi Mobile Challenge PwC Award, Superbrands and the IT Business Special Award.

Established in 2000, the company began a major international expansion in 2011, establishing subsidiaries in several European, North American and Asian markets. As of 2015, Cellum APAC is headquartered in Singapore.     @cellum_group