tappit and Bury FC kick off partnership to create the UK’s first cashless stadium

Bury FC and sponsors tappit announce plans to eradicate cash transactions at Gigg Lane 

In a first for UK football, tappit has supported Bury FC in implementing a new prepaid card system in the club’s Energy Check Stadium at Gigg Lane. tappit – also the club’s away shirt sponsor – is a specialist in providing a cashless experience at sports events, festivals and other entertainment venues around the world.

Bury FC joins a number of other experiences around the world that have recently made the switch to cashless payments for their customers. Cashless solutions have become increasingly important as a means of making the payment process as convenient as possible for visitors. This improves the customer experience at the event, helping to drive loyalty and significantly boosting revenue in turn.

Under the new system implemented by Bury FC, fans simply tap their prepaid Bury-branded card against a POS terminal when purchasing refreshments. This significantly cuts queuing times at concession stands, freeing fans to enjoy their visit to the stadium.

The cards can be used at four of the club’s concession stands: the Members Suite; Starkies Restaurant; the Social Club; and the Retail Shop. Cardholders simply preload funds, then enjoy the match without the need to carry cash.

In addition to providing supporters with an improved match-day experience, the card system gives Bury FC a wealth of information about users’ spending habits to help them explore ways to improve engagement with fans and provide tailored offers in the future.

Bury FC Commercial Director, Matt Caren, said: “We’re hugely excited to bring new technology to the club to  offer our fans the chance to go cashless at Gigg Lane. tappit is now much more than a shirt sponsor – it is a partner providing us with expertise to improve the matchday experience for our supporters. The new system will play a key role in helping us find out more about the behaviours of our supporters and learn how best we can communicate with fans moving forward.”

tappit CEO, Rob Groombridge, added: “When we first spoke to Bury about becoming a sponsor, we discussed taking the stadium cashless and were delighted to find the club keen to embrace the new technology. This is the first step in Bury’s journey to becoming the UK’s first cashless stadium, leading the way in payment innovation within football. We look forward to giving Bury fans a great cashless experience for many years to come.”

To find out more about tappit’s cashless experiences, visit: https://justtappit.com/

tappit is a dynamic company specialising in cashless payment solutions for events and permanent venues. The tappit product is location neutral and has been implemented in various territories. The technology allows users to store funds on wristbands or cards, enabling venues to work cash-free. The solution uses RFID technology and can be used for one-off events or permanent installations. For more information visit www.justtappit.com

Formed in 1885, Bury Football Club is based at Gigg Lane, the club’s home since formation. After joining the Football League in 1894, the Shakers are now amongst the oldest clubs in English Football. With a long and proud history, Bury FC are twice winners of the FA Cup and still hold the record for the highest ever score in the FA Cup Final (6-0 v Derby County 1903). Currently playing in the English Football League One, the club holds many unique records in its 132 year history and are the only club in the Football League to have scored over 1,000 goals in each tier of English Football. For a more in depth look at the football club, please visit www.buryfc.co.uk/history2/