The B2 Group announces Mobile Cash Management app for Corporate Treasurers

The B2 Group, the provider of cloud-based payments software and consultancy solutions, has announced the launch of its Mobile Cash Management service, with major transaction banks already welcoming the product.

The Mobile Cash Management (“MCM”) App provides smartphone or tablet direct access to the award winning B2 Multi-Bank Integrator™ cloud-based automated banking integration service. Multi-Bank, a 5th generation platform based on two decades of experience and launched at the start of 2016, already boasts an ever-growing global community of banks. Outgoing payments and incoming statements are processed automatically via secure links with the banks to deliver fast and tangible benefits, including; automation of incoming statements, “smart” reconciliation of credit and debit payments, real-time enterprise-wide cash visibility, automation of complex business processes such as supply-chain finance, cash pooling and sweeping, and controlled automation of outgoing payments via a real-time portal. Multi-Bank also fully integrates with most ERP and TMS platforms, to provide true end-to-end processing, with associated cost savings through reduced back-office headcount.

“Citi has worked with The B2 Group for many years, most recently to process our corporate clients’ payments and statements across B2’s Multi-bank Integrator platform. We have been impressed with the value-add the Multi-Bank service brings, and we are certain B2’s new MCM App will add further value to our clients,” comments Dmitry Simakov, Citi’s EMEA Head of Client Connectivity and Information, Treasury and Trade Solutions.

B2’s MCM was rapidly delivered to the market as a direct result of Multi-Bank corporate treasury subscribers emphasising their need to access cash position and transactional information across the entire enterprise, anywhere and at any time.

Phil Boland, CEO, The B2 Group commented, “We listened to our clients and MCM is the result. We have been delighted that the success of Multi-Bank thus far has validated B2’s vision of an outsourced banking integration service. The delivery of MCM (in record time!) is a further step towards positioning our industry-proven platform as the ‘go-to’ service of choice for corporates wishing to streamline their payments, statements and other message processing with banks.”

MCM is available as a simple upgrade for existing Multi-Bank subscribers, with a broad range of cash management functions suitable for mobile phone use, and the sophisticated cyber security features necessary for safe mobile cash and treasury access coming as standard.

“The modern corporate treasurer is mobile, and talking to the market convinced us that our solutions needed to be mobile as well“, says Bill Wrest, Head of Sales and Strategy at The B2 Group. “This is especially true for treasurers at Multi-Nationals with banking relationships around the world, who need up-to-the-minute information without being tied to their desks.”

MCM will be showcased on The B2 Group stand at the EuroFinance International Treasury Management conference in Barcelona (to be held 4-6 October 2017).

The B2 Group provides payments, funds and FX automation and integration STP software and consultancy solutions to banks, corporates, insurers and fund administrators across the world, especially in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Whether it be for a corporate treasurer seeking to streamline banking integration and cash visibility, a transaction bank wishing to on-board clients more efficiently, an insurer needing to automate bank and asset manager integration or a fund administrator connecting to distribution platforms, B2 Group is a trusted provider, delivering robust technology to meet today’s business challenges. Our flexible and highly secure solutions are available to run on-site or as a fully hosted cloud-based service, and come with our philosophy of ‘total support’, a combination of world-class software, subject-matter expertise and two decades of experience helping our clients reduce costs and increase revenue. For further information, please visit