The role of NFC: knocking down the barriers to boost mass adoption

In conjunction with The Mobile Wallet Summit, M for Mobile has released one of the most thought-provoking panels from Wallet Wars for you to listen to, and learn from. With panellists from the trailblazers in mobile wallets:

  • Explore your consumers’ psyche: Discover what they really want – and think – about NFC Payments, and understand what you need to do to ensure they simply can’t resist it
  • Security issues: Address the differing points of view – and needs – of banks, MNOs, merchants and consumers: What still needs to happen to make everyone feel confident the obstacles have been overcome?
  • Simplicity, seamlessness and added value: How do you make sure NFC payments are the most convenient option – and create the essential added value that make people want to use it?
  • Lessons learned – Why did Google Wallet fail to gain mass adoption?: Important lessons learned, including disruptive influences, and who in the ecosystem is in the best position to drive adoption

Panellists include:

Aditya Khurjekar, Verizon Wireless
Todd Roberts, SVP Payments Innovation, CIBC
Adrian Van Meerbeck, Vice President, NTT Docomo
David Grigg, SVP Payments Innovation and Strategy, Bank of America
Gary Greenwald, Managing Director, Digital Money Services, Citi Enterprise Payments

Click here to download to hear more.