With Catti, Galitt brings a revolution to mobility services

CattiTM Fuel Card, Galitt mobility offer, now supports new features with loyalty programs on fleet cards, new usages such as parking and tolls, and new technologies including EMV and contactless cards.

CattiTM Fuel Card, a Galitt offer for fleet cards, is undergoing a revolution in 2018!

Galitt offer has expanded: in addition to fuel and in-shop purchases, CattiTM is providing additional services such as car wash, parking and toll road payment, managed on a single application platform.

Galitt CattiTM Fuel Card offer includes all steps in the life of a fuel card, from the issuance to the acceptance and the management of cards, and answers all fleet manager needs. CattiTM Fuel Card can be operated in SaaS mode or by the issuer. It supports multiple issuers, multiple vendors and distribution networks, multiple languages, and brings international operation thanks to payments in multiple currencies. CattiTM Fuel Card is now used in several countries in the European Union as well as in the Pacific Islands.

In its latest release, CattiTM Fuel Card can be issued based on various technologies, from magstripe cards to smart cards, especially EMV contact and contactless cards. CattiTM also supports dematerialized cards (smartphone app, wallet…). Moreover, CattiTM Fuel Card can be operated in prepaid or in postpaid mode, to fit with the requirements of all issuers and their customers.

CattiTM Fuel Card now allows to add loyalty programs on fleet cards, giving a new opportunity for issuers to boost the utilization of their card. CattiTM supports a wide variety of loyalty programs regardless whether they are operated by issuers, distribution networks or third parties.

Jean-Michel Mamann, Head of the Payment Solutions BU at Galitt declares: “In 2018, Galitt will provide extensive mobility services to its customers thanks to the addition of new uses, new technologies and new services in our CattiTM Fuel Card offer. We are getting ready for the next step, the connected vehicle.”

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CattiTM, KaNest®, VisuCard®, G-TokenizerTM and VisuBank® are software designed, developed and maintained by Galitt that may also host and operate them.