Xpress Money to showcase ‘Flex’, ‘One’ & ‘Biz’, its customisable business solutions at Money2020 in Las Vegas

Xpress Money – one of the world’s most dependable money transfer brands – is set to showcase Xpress Money ‘Flex’, ‘One’ and ‘Biz’, its customisable remittance solutions, at Money2020 – the world’s largest marketplace for ideas, connections and deals in Payments and Financial Services. Xpress Money’s business solutions are designed to give organisations customisable options based on their business needs. Whether a money transfer brand is looking to expand its reach, or a retail chain, telco, banking or non-banking business wants to offer remittance services to its existing customer base, Xpress Money has a solution for all.

Xpress Money Flex: For businesses that are already in the finance or remittance space looking to offer more convenience or reach to its customers. This is a flexible solution that offers everything a business would need – compliance (KYC, AML, regulatory reporting), agent management, online self-service, money transfer app, and the market leading money transfer software. Xpress Money Flex is compatible with any system, which eliminates any major modification requirements. The technology is for everyone, from startups to global enterprises. One just needs to simply plug into the proprietary API to get started.

Xpress Money One: The money transfer business is not restricted to just financial institutions. With Xpress Money One, any business that has a customer facing digital presence can create its own money transfer platform through a white labelled website with its own brand identity.

Xpress Money Biz: Specifically designed to cater to retail chains and other offline businesses, Xpress Money Biz empowers brands to process remittance transactions for its customers. Brands can also look to increase footfalls to its stores by attracting a whole new set of customers looking for a convenient money transfer service.

Speaking about these business solutions, Xpress Money COO, Sudhesh Giriyan said, “Our customisable solutions are designed to empower any businesses looking to foray into the remittance industry. Whether a brand wants to expand its current payout network or wants a complete 360 degree remittance interface, we have the capabilities to customise based on the needs of the business.”

He further added, “Our larger goal is to make money transfers accessible to the largest possible audience in the most convenient and cost-effective ways. This could only see the light of day if we as an industry collaborate and share our expertise to create real value for this larger cause”.

Many trusted financial and non-financial institutions, such as Travelex, WorldRemit, ADCB, Seamless, have partnered with Xpress Money for its business solutions to offer convenient money transfer services to their customers across the globe.

Xpress Money has partnered with NICE Actimize, the global leader in financial crime risk management to ensure that its customers’ money is always safe. Its trusted network ensures compliance to regulations and set guidelines of different countries across the world.

Xpress Money has had a strong presence in the global money transfer business for nearly two decades. Over the years, the brand has partnered with some of the most trusted financial and non-financial institutions, renowned international money transfer operators (IMTOs), telcos and online remittance players around the world to build a strong and credible network, making it one of the most dependable money transfer brands globally.

‘Xpress Money’ is a global money transfer brand with a thriving presence in more than 165 countries across all continents through 200,000 agent locations. ‘Xpress Money’ has come to be known as the most dependable international money transfer brand and provides its customers a simple, fast & safe way to transfer money through innovative technology, superior customer service and its extensive worldwide network. For more information, follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/XpressMoney, Twitter: @Xpress_Money or visit www.xpressmoney.com