The awards will recognize companies in the following categories:

Alternative Finance Debt Funder of the Year

This category will recognise financial institutions that are lending to the alternative finance sphere, investing in debt originated to aid the development of this rapidly growing industry. Judges will be looking for instances where institutional involvement has supported not only financial expansion, but also helped endorse and validate the important work being done by alternative finance companies to fuel the growth of SMEs and , in turn, the wider economy.

FinTech Innovation of the Year

The winner of this award will be an organisation that has implemented a FinTech product or service that demonstrates outstanding innovation. As well as contributing to the advancement of technology within the sector, the innovation will have been seen to benefit both the organisation and its customers.

FinTech Start-up or Early Stage Company of the Year

The judges will be looking for a start-up business or an early stage company that has disrupted the FinTech space over the past year through the implementation of new and innovative solutions that are challenging the status quo and transforming the industry landscape.

Mobile Commerce and Banking

The winner of this category will be a company that may have gained recognition for advancing mobile commerce by creating a service that allows customers to buy and merchants to sell from any set-up, contributing to raising conversion rates. Alternatively, it may have created a clean, easy-to-use banking app that allows users to make transactions, pay bills, access account information on the go, or even provides instant analysis of a user’s spending habits or additional security warning and authentication.

Data Solutions

Data management within the financial information sector can be extremely complicated. With so much information constantly becoming available, businesses are increasingly opting for business intelligence and other data solutions to help simplify the task of making sense of it all. This award category recognises the data management solution that best collects, integrates, analyses and presents business information in a clear and precise manner.

Trading System (Buy & Sell side)

A quick and reliable trading system is a vital part of any financial business. In today’s fast-paced, digitised world transaction speeds are measured in milliseconds. In this category, the judges will be looking for a trading system which has contributed to rapid and more precise trading in addition to increased profitability.

Asset Management System

Effective asset management can mean the difference between an average investment portfolio and one that generates a significant amount of money. This is particularly relevant in unpredictable economies where the value of a single investment can fluctuate considerably. The winner of this category will be an asset management system that has provided innovative ways to improve transaction tracking, manage risk and increase analytics and profit potential.

Treasury Management System

Managing the financial activities of any business can be a challenging task and for those in control of treasuries in the banking and financial space it can be especially difficult, from the continuous influx of new or changing regulations, through to the labyrinth of considerations required to manage risk effectively. The winner of this category will be a system that has provided innovation and flexibility in meeting today’s fast-changing treasury environment.

Risk Management System

Corporations, financial institutions and insurance companies continue to face increased risk on a daily basis and consequently the growing need for an effective, robust risk management system to provide advance measurement, prepare strategies and provide protection in uncertain financial markets. The judges will be looking for an RMS system that has provided innovation and flexibility in meeting today’s fast-changing risk environment.

FinTech Marketing/PR Campaign of the Year

This award will celebrate the very best in creative marketing and PR talent when it comes to promoting FinTech innovation. Judges will be looking for campaigns forged out of great partnerships between FinTech companies and creative agencies that push the boundaries of how the sector is perceived, educate audiences about new technologies and services and, of course, succeed in establishing a unique brand identity and winning new customers for the client.

FinTech Deal of the Year

This award will recognise a VC or PE investment that helped support FinTech innovation, providing the opportunity for significant development within the sector. The judges will be looking for a deal where investors have not only invested funds, but added key value through market connections and industry experience.

FinTech Leader of the Year

The winner of this award will be an individual who has shown outstanding leadership over the last 12 months to champion the advancement and transformation of technology within the finance sector. He or she will be someone who is recognised by his or her peers as a source of authority and thought leadership.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Again, the winner of the mobile PoS category will have implemented a service which benefitted both the retailer and the customer. The product will have made transactions simpler and more convenient for customers, which from a retailers’ point of view will have improved flexibility, speed, and autonomy over payment operations or led to an increase in profits.

Emerging Markets

The winner of this category could be based in an emerging market or be delivering a product from abroad via strategic partnerships on the ground. The company will have developed a secure, innovative solution for an unbanked population, allowing fast, reliable transfers, bill payments, ATM withdrawals and remittance payments.

Project Implementation Team

This special award recognises excellence and acknowledges the team who has demonstrated outstanding financial technology project execution around the following criteria: teamwork, project objectives and outcome/results.

Contactless Payment Initiative

The judges will be looking for a company that is leading the way in the introduction of contactless payments into the mass market, for example through the deployment of contactless terminals in stores or the expansion of the contactless payments infrastructure in a way that has helped further the wider contactless project. The winner will have demonstrated an innovative approach to contactless payments implementation that benefits both the organisation and its customers while successfully driving consumer adoption.

Anti-fraud/Security Initiative

This award will recognise an organisation that has implemented the best anti-fraud/security initiative, internally or externally, to protect its customers from card and payments fraud of all kinds. The winner will have demonstrated innovation in the use of anti-fraud technology and processes to protect users and comply with regulations. Equally important will be the proven creation of business benefits that has resulted from the application of the IT solution.

Mobile Wallets

Both merchants and consumers need a clear incentive to adopt a mobile payments system.
The winner of this category will have disrupted the mobile wallets market by producing a wallet or supporting technology that provided obvious benefits to users – security and reward schemes – as well as delivering clear rewards – such as higher engagement and sales – to the service provider.
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