Mobile Payments: Innovations Driving The Sector in 2018 and Beyond

Start:26 Oct 18 03:00 PM (Event is over)
End:26 Oct 18 04:00 PM

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For generations, high barriers of entry and a limited capacity for innovation safeguarded the cosy position of incumbent payments providers. Over the past few years, all that has changed. A diverse group of new entrants have brought an unprecedented range of choice to market, and much of that choice inherently stems from the advancement of mobile payments, its applications and implications for the sector as a whole.

This webinar takes a broad look at the rapid changes new technologies that are both disrupting and advancing the mobile payments space, and will explore the innovations that payments providers are utilising in order to drive mobile payments forward. Our expert panel will delve into technologies like motion codes and biometrics, while also exploring new security challenges, regulation and costs associated with mobile payment technologies