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17th of January 2019
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“If I walk into Starbucks and ask for a coffee. I get my coffee and Starbucks gets paid instantly. If this were a B2B scenario I would walk in, ask for a coffee and then send an invoice in three months. That sounds ridiculous, and yet that is how the entire world of B2B transactions work.”

On PaymentEye this week, we delve into B2B market and Paul Christensen explains why SME payments are “broken” and “make no sense” in 2019.

Elsewhere, Jack Nikogosian, CEO of Aryze, examines the role of programming in cryptocurrencies and offers his business case on the payments plumbing of the future.

Read, enjoy and share.

David Beach


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“Broken” SME payments industry “makes no sense” in 2019
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Why the world needs programmable money
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