6 things you need to know about Real-time Payments, Testing and Simulation – Paper No. 4: Innovation Through Business Process Testing

In our three previous papers, we have focused on the testing needs of the payment engine of Instant Bank, a fictional company. But, a payment infrastructure is much more than just the core engine. It’s equally important to look at a bank’s business processes involved, which expands the testing scope considerably.
After validating a correct implementation of a new real-time payments engine, confirming its functionality and making sure that the updates have not affected the core behavior, this fourth paper considers a new aspect of testing.
Let’s look into how Instant Bank can use a pro testing environment to support and enable “Deep Business Process” testing to ramp up the value of their real-time payments hub.

  1. Implementation and Format Testing
  2. Functional Testing
  3. Automated Regression Testing
  4. Onboarding of Financial Institutions and Corporations
  5. Deep Business Process Testing
  6. Certification, Proprietary Interface and API Testing