A future without secrets

With 2.5 gigabytes of data generated daily and the monetary value of the European personal data market expected to hit USD 1 trillion by 2020, businesses around the world are rightly preoccupied with ‘big data’.

But sifting through the immense amount of information is a challenge, not to mention the ethical questions surrounding the utilisation of personal information for commercial purposes.

To guide corporations through the complex dynamics of big data NetPay has drafted “A Future Without Secrets”, a new whitepaper examining the nuances of data collection and utilisation, including the challenges and opportunities presented by this tidal wave of information.

The whitepaper discusses how to sort immense amounts of data into usable segments, the security demands of en mass data collection and storage and the delicacies of consumer sentiment.

Download the full white paper below to learn more about how your organisation can effectively harness the power of big data.

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