AU10TIX – BOS System

AU10TIX Limited is a pioneer of multi-channel (front-end and online) Secure Customer Onboarding.  BOS (Back Office Service) is AU10TIX’s online (desktop and mobile) solution family.

BOS automates the authentication and conversion to digital records of images of ID documents (“Document not present” environments). Such ID images can be produced by customers using common devices such as smart-phone cameras, home scanners, digital cameras or computer webcams and submitted via email, file transfer or upload.

AU10TIX BOS can reduce a significant part of the back office work of ID image examination and record verification. Instead, personnel can focus on the examination of only borderline and problem cases and deliver rapid responses to waiting customers.

By speeding up response time and enabling more accurate and consistent record processing, AU10TIX BOS helps improve acquisition success chances, increase traffic handling volume capacity, avoid human errors, save work and material resources, and detect and deter sophisticated ID facility fraud.