COB2 Projects – Nomura Securities & Research

The Nomura Group is a financial services group comprising Nomura Holdings and its subsidiaries in Japan and overseas.

Nomura Securities plays the central role in the Group’s core securities business. As the leading securities and investment banking company in Japan, it provides individual investors and corporate clients with a broad range of services, including investment advisory services and securities underwriting.

Since its inception about 40 years ago, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has always been on the cutting edge. Whether by advising policy proposals and corporate strategies or promoting new system development and management, it has always strived to push the boundaries and explore new horizons.

NRI supports the lives of people, the business activities and the development of society through its Consulting, Financial IT Solutions, Industrial IT Solutions and IT Platform Services. In these operations, the key is Navigation × Solution. In enhancing the value of its services, the synergy between these two functions is at work in each of the four areas of its operations as well as in a wide range of operations.