Feedzai Fraud Prevention

Banks, credit card brands, payment processors, and e-commerce companies regularly launch new products and services that have new, unforeseen fraud risk factors. These new fraud threats require mitigation approaches that extend well beyond the capabilities of older fraud prevention software. Most existing fraud solutions are inflexible and specific to today’s line of business, and not easily reconfigured to support emerging business opportunities. Businesses that lack a cost effective and flexible fraud prevention technology platform are at a severe competitive disadvantage, ultimately running the risk of slowing revenue growth.

This white paper discusses the technical approach employed by Feedzai, the market leader in the newest generation of fraud prevention solutions. Feedzai Fraud Prevention delivers sub-second, fraud-blocking and monitoring capabilities by executing ultra-efficient and multi-dimensional analytics over big data, producing the industry’s lowest percentage of false positives. By using sophisticated machine learning technology, Feedzai adapts to fraudsters’ schemes in real time and stops fraudulent transactions in the very first instance. And Feedzai does this running on inexpensive commodity hardware that can be deployed and halting fraud within two weeks. The following white paper describes how Feedzai works.