Get the PSI-Pay Customer Success Story

Learn how PSI-Pay created a frictionless, scalable verification process using Trulioo’s Normalized API.

PSI-Pay is a fast-growing, U.K. based financial services company that provides payment solutions to individuals and businesses around the world. As a company that operates across borders, PSI-Pay needed ID verification technology with flexible and ubiquitous compliance features, a dramatic shift from their previous two-step methodology.

With Trulioo’s Normalized RESTful API, PSI-Pay has put its verification process on autopilot. Thanks to faster customer onboarding, a reduction in acquisition costs, and increases in operational efficiency, PSI-Pay has augmented its overall customer experiences.

Why choose GlobalGateway?
  • Unparallelled coverage for 4 billion identities, including emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India
  • Avoid missed opportunities and onboard customers quickly with real-time, reliable online identity verification
  • Simplify the account application and opening process for new international customers
“Our verification process is now done in a slick and efficient way, customers feel as though they are not being delayed unnecessarily. ” – Phil Davies, CEO, PSI-Pay