Global strategies for your online business

According to Forrester Research, Inc., almost  one-third of companies report that international  expansion is one of their top three digital business  priorities. Customer demand for online commerce is growing worldwide—especially  in emerging markets.

The United States, Western Europe and China will generate more than USD800 billion  in online sales this year. Those sales will go to the companies that make the most relevant offers.

To succeed in global ecommerce, sellers must understand the character of local markets: buyer expectations, preferred communication methods and accepted payment types. These vary by region, sometimes with no clear choice in a given country.
In newer online economies, multiple approaches are common and standards are rare. Because each local market is unique, no single set of ecommerce practices will work everywhere.

This new white paper from Digital River explores the complexities of conducting commerce on a global scale, outlining logistical and cultural challenges, and offers best practices for creating localized shopping experiences.

Download the full white paper below:

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