How PSD2 Changes The Way You Fight Fraud: A Guide For Banks

Is the New State of Banking a Fraudster’s Paradise? 

The PSD2 transformation promises to make life better for customers. But will these changes come at a cost?

As PSD2 disrupts commerce, it threatens standard fraud prevention strategies too. We all know that fraud evolves constantly, and without an established risk plan to guide you through the new world of open banking, your organization is exposed.

Our free ebook, How PSD2 Changes the Way You Fight Fraud: A Guide for Banks, goes beyond fraud prevention. It examines how the adoption of PSD2 open banking will change the landscape of balancing risk and customer experience as we know it.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • How PSD2 open banking will change your banking enterprise—the good and the bad
  • The limitations of traditional fraud prevention under PSD2
  • Five simple actions you can take NOW to prepare for the PSD2 transition
  • A payments authentication workflow created by Feedzai that demonstrates how to reduce risk without adding friction

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