Payment fraud threatens retail business: P2PE helps you fight back

How can you protect yourself from retail payments fraud?

Payment solutions provider Verifone believes that PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is the most positive way for the industry to unite and clamp down on retail fraud.

They are championing it to diminish the security risk to their customers and improve the safety of consumer payment data, reducing PCI scope – and thereby costs – for retailers at the same time. It is a stance supported by retail security and digital forensics experts Foregenix.

To give retailers practical advice to combat fraud, Verifone and Foregenix have teamed up to produce a new whitepaper: ‘Payment fraud threatens retail business; P2PE helps you fight back’. It provides:

  • Valuable insight into the role of P2PE in preventing retail fraud and reducing PCI scope.
  • An explanation of how PCI P2PE works and the right tools to use in an approved P2PE environment
  • Practical advice on accelerating P2PE so that retailers can benefit from safer sales as soon as possible.

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