PPRO Payments & E-Commerce Report: North America & Oceania 2016

Today, Canada and the United States are two of the world’s most culturally diverse and economically successful states. For the last seventy years, the United States has been the world’s economic powerhouse and the pre-eminent global power. Home to some of the world’s largest corporations and the centre of the global financial industry, North America is a both one of the world’s most lucrative e-commerce markets and one of its most competitive.

Of all the world’s major inhabited regions, Oceania is the furthest from the Earth’s main centres of population. This presents some challenges to any company moving into the area. Despite this, the area represents a highly lucrative market. Australia and New Zealand both have a GDP per capita that’s well above the global average. And with a Chinese demand for raw materials still relatively high, despite a recent downturn, consumer demand in much of Oceania remains strong.

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