The Mobile Wallet Whitepaper from GSMA

The GSMA has published a white paper and proposed technical specification for an interoperable wallet concept. Developed as part of the GSMA’s Mobile NFC Services Programme’s Fast Track Project, the documents highlight the need for an aligned approach to a mobile wallet in order to ensure a simple and consistent integration approach for all types of NFC service providers.

For the purpose of these papers, GSMA defines a mobile wallet as an application on a mobile handset that functions as a digital container for payment cards, tickets, loyalty cards, receipts, vouchers and other items that might be found in a conventional wallet. The mobile wallet enables the user to manage a broad portfolio of mobile services from many different providers, and, in the case of NFC services, it provides the means of managing applets on the UICC.

The proposal for a technical specification covers only the common features of operator wallets.  This allows for diversity and differentiation in the marketplace, whilst ensuring the critical components needed for interoperability are well defined.